Maggie Boyle is a traditional singer. Through her ballads, old and new, she continues the tradition of music and storytelling passed on by her Irish family. Now living in Yorkshire, she was born in London where she sang and played from an early age. 

Reared in the musically vibrant London-Irish community of the 60s and 70s, she and her brothers got the music from their father. Paddy Boyle was a native speaker from the Donegal Gaeltacht townland of Derryloughan , Nr Glenties . Her other main tutor was Oliver Mulligan, a great singer from Co. Monaghan, resident in London .

Maggie has accrued an impressive catalogue of live and recorded work including film soundtracks, theatre and folk circuit appearances worldwide. Her vocals adorned Patriot Games and Legends of the Fall and have also been used for corporate advertising campaigns. Maggie's voice and flute are an integral part of Christopher Bruce's folk ballet, Sergeant Early's Dream . Created for Rambert Dance Company in 1984, this production has also been staged by many other prestigious companies around the world.

She has worked with James Horner, The Chieftains, Incantation, Bert Jansch, Steve Tilston, John Renbourn, Eileen Jones (Gothenburg Ballet) and the Grand Acoustic Roadshow (Pauline Cato, Tom McConville , Clive Carroll). 

As well as her ongoing solo performing and recording with Paul Downes, and regular appearances with Grace Notes , she has established duos with Chris Parkinson, Gordon Tyrrall , Frank Kilkelly. New working relationships include “The Expatriate Game” with Duck Baker and Ben Paley, and a collaboration with jazz guitarist, Gary Boyle.


Maggie's Kitchen Songs project is a a fascinating online collection of video interviews with singer songwriters, including Ralph McTell, Steve Tilston, Mike Silver, Pete Coe and many others.

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